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Snape Manor / Together Again

xx ProfSnape xx: It had been a very long day and Snape wanted nothing more than to go home and be with Bella. He was sick of the fighting and tension, but he knew that there was one more little thing they had to discuss. The mark Lucius had placed on his back. Flooing to the manor he was informed by a house elf that Bella was walking in the gardens. It didn't take him long to find her. "Evening, love," he called out as he approached.

Bellatrixmagick: She smiled at him, and made her way over to him, giving him a small hug in greeting. "I'm glad you're home."

xx ProfSnape xx: "I'm glad to be home," he replied, letting his arms rest around her waist. He bent to kiss her, lips lingering on hers. He hadn't been able to stop thinking about her all day.

Bellatrixmagick: She kissed him back, and when he pulled away she smiled at him again. "Did you eat yet, love? I can have something made up for you if you haven't."

xx ProfSnape xx: "No I skipped dinner. Wanted to get some paperwork done before I came home." Slipping his arm around her he lead her back towards the house.

Bellatrixmagick: When they got into the house, she stopped walking and looked at him. "Anything special you want, or just anything?" This felt so odd still, like they had to walk on eggshells with each other...but he was home, and speaking with her, so that was a start.

xx ProfSnape xx: "Anything's fine," he replied, letting his eyes roam over her. Merlin but he just wanted to devour her.

Bellatrixmagick: She nodded and summoned a house elf, instructing him to bring the food quickly. She turned to Severus with a smile. "Is it alright if you eat in the study? I'd like to be there while you do, and I am a bit cold...the fireplace sounds lovely to me suddenly."

xx ProfSnape xx: "Yes of course." He took her hand and they walked into the study. With a wave of his hand a lovely fire was blazing and he pulled her down on the couch with him. "Better?"

Bellatrixmagick: "Much better, thank you." She sat with him for a few minutes, just enjoying the warmth of the fire and his presence. Then a house elf arrived with the food, setting it on the coffee table, and she pulled back so he could eat.

xx ProfSnape xx: He ate for a while and then sat back with his tea and sighed. He needed to tell her about the brand. Get it over with. He knew she wasn't going to be pleased though and hated to bring even more heartache into this house. He sipped at his tea and then rubbed the bridge of his nose, the last of the all day headache still troubling him.

Bellatrixmagick: "Whats on your mind love?"

xx ProfSnape xx: "I need to tell you something. Well, show you something more like. You're not going to like it but unfortunately there is nothing I can do."

Bellatrixmagick: She frowned slightly, but nodded. "If it troubles you that much, perhaps you should, just so you can stop worrying about it."

xx ProfSnape xx: Setting down his tea he stood up and began undoing the numerous buttons on his frock coat as he spoke. "The night you sent me the owl about... well that night, I went to the Three Broomsticks and got sloshed. I haven't been that drunk in years. Apparently I owled Lucius at some point and he arrived. We'd had a rather large fight just before his birthday and I expected him to come gloat. It would appear he was at our wedding and decided I'd been lying to him about certain things." He slipped the coat off and laid it over a chair and began to work on his shirt. "He has a flat above the pub and took me there to sober me up. And instead of gloating he... well let us say he's not angry anymore." He stopped, his shirt unbuttoned now and looked at Bella. "Do you remember what I did to Lucius? To his back?"

Bellatrixmagick: She watched him and listened as he spoke, a puzzled crease to her brow. When he asked her if she remembered, she was puzzled as to why he would want to know if she did...and why on earth was he half-naked in the study. She nodded her head. "Yes, I remember, why?"

xx ProfSnape xx: "Because he paid me back." He slipped his shirt off and turned around, the Malfoy crest clearly etched into the skin on his back.

Bellatrixmagick: She opened her mouth, and gaped, and after a few seconds recovered enough to stammer out a response. "Darling, how could he be so cruel...I'm so sorry..." This was her fault, in a way, and she felt guilty, and terribly bad for how much this must hurt Severus.

xx ProfSnape xx: He turned his head to look at her. "It's his way of claiming me, Bella. You need to understand that. My seal is on his back and his crest is on mine. He did this so that anyone that came to my bed, including you, would know he had been there." He turned back around and put his hands in the pockets of his trousers. "I can't undo it. It's spelled to no heal. Only he can remove it."

Bellatrixmagick: She walked over to him, and ran her hand lightly on his back, tracing the mark as she did so. When she spoke it was queitly, and her hand never left his skin. "I don't care if he's been there. I don't care what he did to mark you as his own. He cannot have you, cannot claim something that is already mine. If it can't come off, then so be it. I still have you, and he does not, despite his spiteful, nasty way of trying to make me angry...and to hurt you."

xx ProfSnape xx: He looked at her, feeling as if a great weight had been lifted and then suddenly his arms were around her and he'd pulled her against his bare chest, his mouth claiming hers in an intense, hungry kiss before moving to her ear. "I need you," he said, voice dropping in register. "I need to feel you again, taste you again, make you mine."

Bellatrixmagick: She closed her eyes and whispered back to him, her breath coming in gasps. "I need you Severus, so very badly."

xx ProfSnape xx: Without hesitation he swept her up into his arms and strode up to the bedroom. Laying her on the bed he laid over her, pressing her into the mattress and kissing her deeply. He didn't have the patience to deal with their clothes and with a wave of his hand they were both nude and he groaned at the feel of her skin against his again.

Bellatrixmagick: She felt all the tension and confusion of the past week just melt away, and she pulled him closer to her. She moaned softly as he touched her, her skin feeling as though it was on fire.

xx ProfSnape xx: His mouth moved to her neck and then down to her shoulders. Slowly he made his way down her body, hands and mouth covering every inch of silky skin. He feasted at her breasts for some time before continuing and finally found himself between her legs. With a groan of need he covered her with his mouth sucking hard at the sensitive nub and then sweeping his tongue over her.

Bellatrixmagick: She arched up slightly inot his mouth, her hands gripping the blankets tightly. She could feel a low wash of pleasure already moving through her body, and she whimpered his name. "Severus..." She needed him inside, to claim her, to make her once again only his.

xx ProfSnape xx: His name on her lips brought him up and he settled himself between her legs. His control was gone. All that was left was the basic desire to make her his, and with a hard thrust he buried himself inside her. "Gods, yes..." he breathed, overcome with the sensation, and began thrust hard and steady.

Bellatrixmagick: She met him eagerly, her hands on his back, her nails marking him as he thrust in and out. She moaned and thrashed slightly underneath him as her pleasure shot through her, and she screamed out his name.

xx ProfSnape xx: With a shout he followed her over, pulsing deep inside her and until he collapsed over her, breathing heavily. Slowly he moved a bit to the side, arm and leg still draped over her, keeping her close as he tried to regain his breath. "Mine," he breathed, his breath caressing the skin of her neck.

Bellatrixmagick: She held him closely and breathed out a single word, unable to say anything but that. "Yours."

xx ProfSnape xx: He ran his hand lightly over her skin until it rested on her swollen belly. "I love you, Bella."

Bellatrixmagick: She smiled and put her hand on top of his. "I love you too, Severus."

xx ProfSnape xx: He pulled her closer still, sleep pulling at him. He had his wife, he had his child, and the rest would sort itself out in the end. Right now this was all that mattered.

Bellatrixmagick: She closed her eyes, and lay with him, so happy she thought she would burst. She slowly began to fall asleep, and her last coherent thought was that it was going to all be alright, somehow.
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