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The Three Broomsticks: UnMoony-like Behaviour!

Remus tossed back another shot and wagged his finger drunkenly at the barkeep. "Drinking is not the answer, I said it myself. Drinking is NOT the answer." He poured himself another and swallowed it, wincing as it burned its way down his esophagus. Remus' tolerance to alcohol was remarkably low, so before long he found himself downright pissed at the Three Broomsticks. That wasn't his intention. Remus was quick to scold those who relied on the bottle, yet today he thought a couple drinks would dull some of the stress in his life. A totally different circumstance, he supposed. Sirius once said that Moony's biggest problem was his inhibitions. So, what better way to strip away those inhibitions than liquor? Two drinks to take the edge off turned into three, then four, then five drinks... and soon the werewolf found himself in a state of total inebriation. On a school night, no less!
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