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Waking up

It had been a grueling seven days. He wished Pomfrey would had let him go early but she insisted he stay for further observation. That night he passed out from his scar is nothing more than a blur of pain to him at this point. He didn't understand why his body reacted in such a way. His scar hurting was always a private matter from the rest of his body. Had Voldemort got to him so much he was able to make him sick as well? He hadn't be able to sleep much the last week, fear of the Dark Lord waiting for him to relax and sleep ate at his mind.

Harry walked through the corridors with his thoughts on the previous week. He wrapped his arms tightly around his chest. He wasn't cold, but self consious. He had been gone a week, what did anyone think? Did they even notice? He gulped as his eyes darted around, the shadows illuminated by the candles nt helping his fears at all. Why couldn't they release him in the day time?
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