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Snape Manor - last night

xx ProfSnape xx: Shortly after dinner, Snape Floo'd to the study of his manor. Finding it empty he made his way to the bedroom, taking in the evidence of Bella's redecorating. Giving a soft knock on the door he entered, seeing Bella on the bed, and then his eyes were drawn to the nursery she'd created in part of the large bedroom. "You've been busy."

Bellatrixmagick: She smiled weakly at him. "Yes. It's still alright, isn't it?"

xx ProfSnape xx: "Yes, of course," he replied, moving to inspect the nursery further. Finally he turned back to her. "How are you?"

Bellatrixmagick: She looked at him, and suddenly realized that this is what she had made them into...two people conversing in generalities...no longer lovers...no longer husband and wife...she had caused this. And it hurt. "I'm fine. The babies fine...she's fine. How are you?" Every word she spoke ripped a little more at her heart, but she kept the weak smile on her face.

xx ProfSnape xx: "Fine," he replied, his emotions fighting over wanting to go to her and still being angry. "Bella you cannot work yourself to hard, you know. Get some of the elves to do this for you."

Bellatrixmagick: "I'll be fine. I'm careful. The baby is fine...will be fine. I won't do anything to hurt her." She paled and looked down at her hands, almost unable to stand this tension - all because of her foolish actions.

xx ProfSnape xx: He sighed and went to sit on the edge of the bed, next to her. "The baby is not the only one I'm worried about," he said, voice a bit softer and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

Bellatrixmagick: She closed her eyes, wanting to reach out to him. She cleared her throat, and then replied in a whisper. "I need to do this. It makes me feel good to keep busy. I'll be fine."

xx ProfSnape xx: He nodded and lowered his hand. He wanted to hold her, kiss her. And damnit she was his wife, he should be able to do that. Before he could change his mind he tilted her head up and brushed his lips across hers. "Just be careful and make sure you get plenty of rest. Please."

Bellatrixmagick: She blinked open her eyes as his lips brushed hers, and looked at him. She nodded and her words barely squeeked out. "I will."

xx ProfSnape xx: The dominant side of him demanded that he claim her again but his heart wouldn't let him. Not yet. She had to know he was serious about this. "Is there anything you need?"

Bellatrixmagick: She was silent, and her mind screamed out *YOU!! I need you!* But she simply shook her head.

xx ProfSnape xx: He nodded, watching her. He needed to go or he would give into his desires and he couldn't do that yet. He stood and bent to place a lingering kiss to her forehead. "I'll be back tomorrow," he said softly, his voice betraying some of his emotions, and then left the room.
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