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Play Rehearsal (open to all)

The first two read throughs had gone well, and now Magenta had broken the cast up by scene. She'd handed out the rehearsal schedules. The show would debut the night before the Christmas Feast. Now she had the group work on some warm up techniques to get them started.

"Improv is a necessary skill during a show for one reason," she told everyone. "Because while it's extremely important you learn you lines precisely, if someone should forget one, you need to be able to fill in the space, come up with something else, think on your feet."

She gestured at Ron. "Stand up, Ron. We're going to play a game."

She pointed at other cast members to stand, as well. "It's called Yes, And. One of you will start. You'll begin a story, ending it a good point. The next person will say Yes, and...and continue the story. Use your imaginations! Go ahead!"
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