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Snape Manor

Bellatrixmagick: Bella was sitting in the study, reading and wondering if Severus was going to come as he said as he said he would. She supposed she had no right to demand anything from him, and decided to just accept it, and concentrate on her book.

strictlyMM: Minerva Floo'd from her office to Snape Manor in the hopes that her friend woul dbe surprised by her improptu visit. As she walked out of the fireplace into the study she saw Bella curled up on the couch reading a book. "Good evening, Bella. I hoep thi sis okay, but I hadn't seen you in awhile and just had a spare moment. So I decided to pop by, " she said a faint smile on her face.

Bellatrixmagick: Bella smiled, and nodded. "I told you that you were welcome anytime...and I meant it. Come sit down. Would you like some tea?"

strictlyMM: She went to sit down on the couch next to Bella and nodded in agreement to the tea. "I'm so sorry it took me so long to come by. How are you feeling?"

Bellatrixmagick: She summoned a house elf, and soon she had tea poured for Minerva. "I'm better then I was. Still very tired, and I can't do to much. Thank you for asking. How are you?"

strictlyMM: She took the tea from the house elf and took a sip before answering then set it on the end table beside her. "I've been busy with my classes. Tutoring Harry in his studies to become an Auror, and I worry about him. Last week he collapsed and e had to take him to the hosplital wing. Really it was a good thing I happened on him."

Bellatrixmagick: She paled. That boy was the only hope for her...for Severus...for them all. "Is he alright...please say he's alright!" She had a slightly panicked note to her voice as she spoke.

strictlyMM: "He's fine. He woke up late this afternoon and I had a chat with him. He is distant as always, but he seemed alright."

Bellatrixmagick: She sighed in relief. "I'm glad...very glad."

strictlyMM: Minerva looked at bella then a very serious look on her face. "What is goign on with you and Severus? I went to see him yesterday and he seemed very cold when I asked how you were. You two aren't having problems?"

Bellatrixmagick: Bella looked down at her lap and nodded slightly.

strictlyMM: "Oh Bella what happened. Yoou two seemed so happy. I hope its not anything to bad."

Bellatrixmagick: "I cheated on him, so I'd say its pretty damn bad, Minerva." And the tears she had held back all day started to fall, and she looked away, ashamed of herself.

strictlyMM: Minerva leaned forward and wraped her arms around her friend. "There There I wish I couldn say it will be alright, but one would never know in a situation like this. Who was it that you cheated with? Would I know him?"

Bellatrixmagick: She shook her head. "No, I don't think you would know him."

strictlyMM: She let go of her friend and looked at her closely. "What happened what made you slip. Was it all the time that Severus was keeping at the castle?? I'm sure that must have been hard being newly married and all."

Bellatrixmagick: "It was that...but it was me Minerva...the way I am, the way I feel inside." She sighed.

strictlyMM: "Oh Bella you did beak it off withthis man right?? You know you really are meant for Severus?"

Bellatrixmagick: "I'm not going to see him again...." She shook her head sadly.

strictlyMM: "Good, you need to consentrate and getting better staying healthy and keeping your marriage alive. You have a baby to raise. You do what to rasie her with her father right?"

Bellatrixmagick: She nodded. "Yes...but I'm afraid it's too late for that as well. Severus is through with me..."

strictlyMM: "Oh I could hardly believe that. He loves you. He might be mad at you and being stubborn, but he will come around. You are the love of his life. I can't see him giving up on you that easily."

Bellatrixmagick: "I gave up on him that easily, and he is my soul...I hurt him Minerva...I don't think he'll ever forgive me."

strictlyMM: She hugged her again. She hated seeing her so upset. "Well how is the baby doing is she okay? Have you gotten anything for her preperation?"

Bellatrixmagick: Bella smiled weakly. "I've done up her whole nursery. And shes fine." She patted her belly, the slight bulge getting bigger.

strictlyMM: "Oh may I see it? I'd love to see what you have done for her." She was trying to get her mind off her troubles. Sorry that she has brought it up.

Bellatrixmagick: Bella nodded, and started to get up, wiping her face off absently. A wave of dizziness hit her, and she flopped back on the couch. She smiled weakly at Minerva. "Perhaps I can have a house elf show you?"

strictlyMM: A worried look on her face she said, "Thats alright I'll wait until your better. I'd much rather hav ethe proud mother to be show me then some house elf." She smiled warmly at Bella, "Maybe we should call the house elf to come and bring you a cool wash cloth. Does that sound good?"

Bellatrixmagick: She nodded. "Yes please. I think that'd be a good idea."

strictlyMM: Minerva called for the house elf and instructed it to get Bella a cool wash cloth. With a wave of her wand Minerva transfigured some powder that she had in her satchel into crushed lavender and made a sachet for her. "Here this is for you to sleep with undr your pillow at night it will sooth you and make you sleep better."

Bellatrixmagick: "Thank you Minerva...for everything." She smiled and was suddenly very happy Minerva had stopped by.

strictlyMM: "Your welcome sweet heart. I must be going now though. I will stop by again. Make sure that elf comes with your wash cloth and lay down withit and your sachet next to you. Take a little nap." She hugged her friend and smiled at her. Stepped into the fireplace and was gone in a puff of green smoke.

Bella lay back on the couch, put her book on the floor, and had a house elf get her a pillow and some blankets. She put the sachet under her pillow and closed her eyes. She was tired, but she didn't want to sleep in that bed without Severus there. She wondered if he was ever coming back home again. She felt a cramp go through her abdomen, and she thought sleepily she should tell Severus...and then she remembered he wasn't there, and cried herself to sleep, clutching her belly as she did so.
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